The Charity By Design collection has become the heart and soul of ALEX AND ANI. In September 2016, ALEX AND ANI unveiled partnerships with Lifeline and the Australian chapters of the RSPCA, UNICEF and Special Olympics. Each charity has its own symbolic charm with 10% of the retail price of the bangle being donated directly back to the charities.

This February, ALEX AND ANI will continue this journey with the launch of their partnership with the McGrath Foundation and the Arms of Strength charm bangle.
Arms of Strength RG

McGrath Foundation Ambassador & Director, Tracy Bevan, said:

“The McGrath Foundation are sincerely grateful to ALEX AND ANI for their support.”  “Through corporate partnerships like this we’re able to continue to fund a vital service to communities across Australia through our 117 McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who have helped more than 50,000 families experiencing breast cancer to date.”

ALEX AND ANI CEO, Karin Adcock, said:

“Supporting charities that make a real difference to the lives of Australian families is one of ALEX AND ANI’s reasons for being. We are delighted to add a McGrath Foundation bangle to our growing Charity by Design range and look forward to generating much needed funds for McGrath to support those affected by Breast Cancer.”

Arms of Strength Stack

Arms of Strength Bangle Symbolism- hope | resilience | support
The graceful starfish is a regenerative creature, consistently growing and transforming whenever necessary. Courageously it moves forward through both calm and troubled waters. Created with a pink stone at its core, the colour of nurturing love, the Arms of Strength Charm honours the brave and the optimistic.

The McGrath Foundation assists in placing specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia and by making breast health a priority, supporting thousands of women and men every day, no matter where they live – for FREE.

mcgrath nurses

• One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85.
• 150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year.
• There is a 90% chance of surviving five years from diagnosis.
• It costs around $390,000 to fund a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for three years.
• Since 2005, more than 50,000 families have been supported by McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

As a measure of its positive impact with Charity by Design worldwide, ALEX AND ANI has:
• Funded more than 30,892 hours of cancer research
• Supported more than 8,966 children in developing countries
• Given more than 45,000 families access to clean drinking water
• Provided training for over 6,500 athletes around the world through Special Olympics
• Provided over 528,000 days of life-saving medication to those living with HIV/AIDS